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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 18, 2014, 4:02 PM

Update time!


So as many of you know Romeo had some troubles. I am happy to say he is 100% better. I went on a cleaning spree to kill off whatever was making him sick and I succeeded. So between cleaning everything and the medicine he was on, he’s better :3 and I don’t have to worry about him taking that powder stuff for the moment, ‘cause everything is good.


I’ve also gotten rolling on getting him to Australia, which is probably the largest anxiety in my life right now. I don’t care about me, it’s pretty simple for me to get there. It’s much harder for him. He has to go through quarantine and everything. Thankfully though I’ll have everything in line and he’ll only have to stay for 10 days :3 so that is good and the pet shippers I’m talking with are very kind and considerate. It really makes a difference. I actually spoke to the owner of the company and he was really cool about answering all my questions.


Otherwise I’m sure you guys have noticed I’m not uploading sketches every day like I had been. The reason why is actually mixed. First and foremost I was getting frustrated. I wasn’t really seeing anything in my scribbles and I was getting far, far too frustrated. Secondly I’ve started writing again. I won’t tell you what; I wanna keep that to myself for a bit until I’m ready to share it. Suffice to say I’ve been writing up to 10 pages a day, sometimes even closer to 20. It’s really nice and, in all technicality writing is in many ways the same as drawing. Only you’re using words instead of paint, graphite, or a tablet.


I am going to get back into my daily sketches though. I just need to calm myself down a little bit and try and get rid of the stress I started feeling doing it. My brain is still stuck in that mode where I feel like anything I do is to make people impressed, and well… it’s not. If I’m the one drawing then I should be the one I’m trying to impress. I can’t keep comparing myself to others, so I need to teach myself to enjoy what I do rather than do it so that I can get some nice pats on the back.


Otherwise I’m going to start going through some of my belongings and trying to sell a couple other things. Such as my guitar set up, my wood-and-glass tables, and a few other things. Not 100% sure what to do about my DVD’s. I might box up the ones that I and my husband have and leave them with my parents. That way if we ever did decide to return to the states we’d have the proper region movies and all (though we do intend to get a region free DVD player).


Everything is going pretty ok otherwise. Still dealing with depression issues, but I’m hoping a change of scene, being with my husband, and having a proper job again will help once I’ve moved.


That and privacy. Omg what I wouldn’t give for my own desk right now; like the one my husband just got for me for when I get down there. Omg it will be glorious.


Annnd that’s pretty much it; this boring journal was brought to you by the Agency to Protect Against Garden Gnome and Alien Alliances. Or the APAGGAA…. APAGAAHHH okok so maybe I need to work on that a little.



  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Welcome to the Club - Manian
  • Reading: My own writing
  • Watching: Parent's have remote, no idea
  • Drinking: Iced Tea ftw


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Your face is so beautiful.
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sprinkles sparkles everywhere 
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Mwah mwah kisses for you~
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You're amazing~ <3 
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